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Supplication and Remembrance of the Almighty Are Keys to God's Mercy
In his papal bull announcing the jubilee, Francis referenced both Islam's and Judaism's emphases on God's mercy, writing, "There is an aspect of mercy that goes beyond the confines of the Church.
He prayed for God's mercy to the martyrs and wished the wounded quick recovery.
If we know and believe in God's mercy and grace through Jesus Christ, that will motivate, encourage--insist--that we live such faith for others to see.
In sum, he calculated and enumerated the unlimited capacity of God's mercy.
May his soul rest in God's mercy," the Mufti said after reciting prayers upon the soul of the deceased.
Part of the "God Gave Us" series of children's picturebooks in which a father polar bear kindly teaches his little cub about God's mercy and benevolence, God Gave Us Angels touches upon the subject of angels--invisible holy spirits dedicated to the service and worship of God.
How encouraging that Cardinal Walter Kasper acknowledges the centrality of God's mercy in Jesus Christ with reference to the Joint Declaration (12-13, 79)
We would like to clarify that, by God's mercy, Abdulaziz Al Jowder is alive," he said on Twitter.
It makes clear that we are always a Church of sinners called to repentance and conversion and in need of God's mercy.
The primary concern of the monograph is to show how Sadra explained the Qur'anic principle of God's mercy and its precedence over His wrath by relating his philosophical and scriptural thought.
Among the ideas he finds are the unquenched drive for knowledge, renunciation of the world and asceticism, God's mercy and kindness, the relationship with animals, and extinction and the union with divinity.