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But now, I'm looking back on it, it strikes me, goddammit, you were pioneers too.
Nathan Bedford Forrest: "I tole you twicet, Goddammit, NO.
Get a rescue unit, goddammit,'' he yelled at a 911 dispatcher.
Goddammit, everything looks sickly to a fat bastard like you, Grout
On perjury rather than profanity as "misuse of God's name," we must concede that cusswords such as goddammit really say nothing at all about God but only about the speaker's emotions.
Because wrong-doing, corruption and next week's charity Darby & Joan tombola must be exposed, godDAMMIT.
Hanson didn't have any grandchildren, of course, and if you listen to the climatologists, there's really nothing left to do but cut down a tree here and there, to let the world know you stand for something, to make money along with the moneymakers, to throw up your hands and proclaim goddammit all to hell, I guess the ship's going down.