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WITNESS, GOING. A going witness is one who is about to leave the jurisdiction of the court in which a cause is depending. See Going Witness.

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What fun it was, especially going by the lions, fighting Apollyon, and passing through the valley where the hob-goblins were," said Jo.
Going into his house he cut slices of bread and spread honey upon them.
She declared she had heard grandmother was going to make a Baptist preacher of me.
He got to going away so much, too, and locking me in.
They had a humble look, and when Huck prepared his pipe after the meal and was going to prepare theirs, they said no, they were not feeling very well -- something they ate at dinner had disagreed with them.
I wish we was allowed to follow him and see where he's going to.
Then the crocodile and the monkey and the parrot were very glad and began to sing, because they were going back to Africa, their real home.
Sons are seldom as good men as their fathers; they are generally worse, not better; still, as you are not going to be either fool or coward henceforward, and are not entirely without some share of your father's wise discernment, I look with hope upon your undertaking.
He was going to inquire at the place where the Oakbourne coach stopped.
The finest place in England -- worth going fifty miles at any time to see.
He knew what he was going to say was humiliating, but he was broken down with jealousy and desire.
We told him that he would have to go without shaving that morning, as we weren't going to unpack that bag again for him, nor for anyone like him.