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But yesterday the Swedish midfielder was determined to get the message across: "Freddie is going steady.
Salman Khan starrer "Jai Ho" is going steady at the domestic box offices.
Meanwhile Kendall avoided talking about her current flame One Direction singer Harry Styles, with whom she has been going steady for a couple of months now.
Lopez has been going steady with her 26-year-old toy boy Casper Smart for quite some time now but the singer is still not sure if she wants to marry the man or not
The 29-year-old film star, who also once dated Johnny Depp, had been going steady with singing sensation Beck for several months.
In the meantime, her sister, Mary-Kate, who is not so media shy, is going steady with her boyfriend 43-year-old Olivier Sarkozy, who is a millionaire.
India's first zombie-comedy "Go Goa Gone" which began on a slow note is going steady at the domestic box office.
It's hard to believe there's any romantic reason, especially as he's going steady with Carey.
Other news says that Goodrem and McMullen have been going steady for several months already.
Meanwhile, Danny's sister Sharon is going steady with Roger, not exactly the romantic type.
The second pair of Vikrant Shetty and Arif were going steady but Oxford Marine got three quick wickets to dent Danube's chase and after six overs Danube's score was just 16 runs needing 16 more to win the title.
The one you are going steady with is likely to spring a surprise.