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He said: "It is still going ahead even though the original organisers have pulled out.
Staff at the castle were sent an internal memo confirming that the concert is definitely going ahead.
And this prevented his case going ahead under the Employment Rights Act, said Mr Jones.
Heavy overnight frost has cast doubts over the game going ahead, with no undersoil heating or pitch covering available at the Galway venue.
They were due to entertain Leicester Lions at Lockwood Park, but with the ground still under several inches of snow and ice there is absolutely no chance of the National II North game going ahead, although an official from the Rugby Football Union has still to visit the ground later today and 'officially' call the game off.
The track has been using frost covers and Haydock officials are hopeful of the meeting going ahead despite temperature dropping to just below freezing last night Clerk of the course Kirkland Tellwright said yesterday: "It's purely precautionary but in the context of a week of frost, it would be prudent to just have a look "We would be fit to race today and there is no concern with regards to the forecast.
Show Secretary Emma Tamplin said: "The show is going ahead until we have more information from Defra.