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For Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, to bow down to the golden idol would have been to buy into Nebuchadnezzar's blindness, to close their eyes to the real world, to real life.
As the Virgin of Guadalupe in Paul Taylor's De Suenos, Laura Halzack glows against the darkened stage like a golden idol come to life.
In just the Cherry Gold Project, the well known mines are the Monarch, Blue Monster, Gold Leaf, Golden Idol, Golden (Grey) Eagle, Black Hawk, Cherry King, Big Chief, and Logan Mines.
All of the male dancing was later rechoreographed, gloriously as it happened, by Vakhtang Chabukiani for Vladimir Ponomarev's 1941 Kirov production, with the Golden Idol dance then added by Nikolai Zubkovsky.
While in pursuit of a priceless golden idol, our hero avoids dangers such as a giant 400-pound stone ball -- which nearly crushes him -- and flames hot enough for the audience to feel.
That act has been lost in Russia, and in Makarova's version it features her own choreography, apart from the dance of the Golden Idol, abducted from Gamzatti's betrothal scene.