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Whether his good friend had at all interested himself in the proceedings of our Combined Additional Endowed Dignitaries Committee, and whether it had occurred to him that to shed a little money in that direction might be a great conception finely executed?
Ye surely would not levy upon the church, good friends.
Pickwick, locking the pocket- book in his desk; 'I am heartily obliged to you, my good friend.
The great and good friend was so struck by the hard sense of the letter that he kept his navy at home, and saved one thousand million dollars.
He could not speak of this good friend of Emily's without a flow of tears.
Sedley was your very good friend, sir," Dobbin interposed, almost pleased at finding himself growing angry.
Dear old doctor, you have always been a good friend to me--be a better friend than ever now.
Mousqueton, my good friend," said D'Artagnan, "go and make your preparations.
I said: My good friend, I suppose that you mean to encourage me by these words.
If any want to get up an inspiration under this head, we refer them to our good friend Rachel Halliday, just as she sits there in her little rocking-chair.
that I had found a good friend and helper, and I was rejoiced to see the ship.
I didn't think you and Gilbert Blythe were such good friends that you'd stand for half an hour at the gate talking to him," said Marilla with a dry smile.