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Whether his good friend had at all interested himself in the proceedings of our Combined Additional Endowed Dignitaries Committee, and whether it had occurred to him that to shed a little money in that direction might be a great conception finely executed?
Society looked to such men as his good friend to do such things.
He begged to assure his good friend that he was extremely sensible of his good friend's regard on all occasions for the best interests of Society; and he considered that he was at once consulting those interests and expressing the feeling of Society, when he wished him continued prosperity, continued increase of riches, and continued things in general.
So they looked up, and espied the wolf sitting amongst the branches; and they called him a cowardly rascal, and would not suffer him to come down till he was heartily ashamed of himself, and had promised to be good friends again with old Sultan.
Tell me thy news, good friend, I prythee," quoth Robin as they trudged along together, "for tinkers, I ween, are all as full of news as an egg of meat.
Ye surely would not levy upon the church, good friends.
Thus having settled their accounts, they shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.
With no material fault of temper, or difference of opinion, to prevent their being very good friends while their interests were the same, the sisters, under such a trial as this, had not affection or principle enough to make them merciful or just, to give them honour or compassion.
It was true I had many and good friends, and I was blessed with interests and occupations which I had often declared sufficient to satisfy any not too exacting human being.
How does it feel going from being this random Australian kid to being good friends with your favorite skaters like Koston and sharing a company with Paul Rodriguez?
It turned out to be an intimate get-together for Pia's good friends Harley Tan and Nina Almoro-despite the tight security and the packed ballroom, with the 2016 Miss Universe delegates as guests.
These tell us the importance of having good friends and being a good friend.