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I like a chat, I'm good at singing, I like dancing and I can give a good argument.
At one point he claims the Byrds were the third most influential band ever, behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, an assertion that readers will be thrilled to encounter, no matter their opinion of the group, since it's at least promising fodder for a good argument.
Once there, Detective Taylor (Samantha Spiro) plays bad cop - but to be fair, she has a pretty good argument.
Why good argument is critical to useful research; a research strategy.
Though QPM was designed with needs of the developing world in mind, "you can make a very good argument for using it in the United States," says William L.
Sounds like a good argument, but not good enough for Caveat Viator, director Jamie Wyatt telling me that Emma can whistle for her money.
There is obviously a good argument for selling Tashawak on the spreads, but I feel apprehensive about the strategy.
You can't beat a good argument, and arguments are bound to result from even the easiest of pop lyrics quizzes.
Another good argument against a footballing autobiography is that a footballer's skill lies with the ball, not the pen.
There's a good argument for saying we should be playing France in this game.
Moore states -- without any facts or examples -- that in general O'Reilly is a liar, and finally Moore resorts to name-calling when he cannot sustain a good argument.
There could be a good argument for separate services for parents, children and baby buggies.