good breeding

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He did not SAY he was surprised, but surprised he was; he had his own notions of good breeding.
In vain Alleyne bethought him of where he was, and of those laws of good breeding and decorum which should restrain him: those colored capitals and black even lines drew his hand down to them, as the loadstone draws the needle, until, almost before he knew it, he was standing with the romance of Garin de Montglane before his eyes, so absorbed in its contents as to be completely oblivious both of where he was and why he had come there.
Ay," said Sancho; "it must be that some of your worship's shrewdness sticks to me; land that, of itself, is barren and dry, will come to yield good fruit if you dung it and till it; what I mean is that your worship's conversation has been the dung that has fallen on the barren soil of my dry wit, and the time I have been in your service and society has been the tillage; and with the help of this I hope to yield fruit in abundance that will not fall away or slide from those paths of good breeding that your worship has made in my parched understanding.
Gaynsforth was a young man, apparently of good breeding and some means.
Our country will face an unprecedented animal-product demand crisis if we don t use all the available scientific tools to ensure good breeding and increase the healthy cow head count.
There's also a chance to size up possible Hazeltine pairings so events like the EurAsia Cup can be a good breeding ground for the Ryder Cup.
Ali Jassim al-Kuwari, general supervisor of the turtle protection programme at the Wildlife Protection Department, the Ministry of Environment, said Qatar paid special attention to the protection of the marine turtles found at Fuwayrit beach to give them a good breeding season and adequate protection as an endangered species.
Stock tanks are good breeding habitat for mosquitoes.
Good breeding conditions in recent years have increased the mole population
So Hart takes Eggsy under his wing and enrols the young man in a gruelling training programme run by Arthur (Michael Caine) against more eloquent and refined peers, who believe good breeding will see them through.
The waters temperature around these "Jewels of Lake Superior" is warmer these days, making the area a good breeding ground for invasive species and causing infestations and increased flooding.
In these letters the old stager dished out advice and sensible instruction regarding behavior and good breeding.