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com/apis/gadgets/> access to functions or information, and can be added to a computer's desktop if the system has Google Desktop installed.
Shortly thereafter Google introduced Google Desktop Search, which does the same thing but it's so fast and accurate you almost don't have to think about where you store files.
In addition to the feature of concern, the new version of Google Desktop is an enhanced version of the previous tool, which includes tweaks for better performance.
A few years ago, Google released the Google desktop search utility.
Google has also become a gateway to the Internet and taken steps to develop desktop applications, such as Google Toolbar and Google Desktop, not to mention other products like Gmail and Google Earth.
Google Desktop adds a toolbar to Outlook that makes searching e-mail more convenient.
Google Desktop 2 - available in test form from http://desktop.
Actually, I was sitting in someone's office the other day, and she said, "Wait a minute, I should have that document in an e-mail or a file or something," and she did a quick Google Desktop search and found it immediately.
X1 Desktop Search was recently chosen by PC Magazine as a Best of 2004 product and awarded their prestigious Technical Excellence award for Search Tools, besting Google Desktop Search and Blinkx.
Google Desktop essentially becomes a sort of "black box" for a computer, giving the machines a "photographic memory," Google says.
Google Desktop Search scans the hard drive and presents its findings in much the same way as a Google web search.
Google Desktop Search, which indexes a computer's contents allowing users to search their hard drives for data, may also pose a privacy and security risk.