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Bellows also notes that when the Star died, Bradlee hired Diana McClellan to write a gossip column for the Post, and when asked why he would pick up a feature that had caused him so much pain said, "What the hell, we can't afford not to take somebody's good idea.
That elicited a phone call on the air from Stika, who advised Brennan not to believe everything he reads in a gossip column.
The Post's gossip column retracts its original story.
During his tour, the portly presenter and his team will be stopping off at the Daily Record headquarters to edit the country's top gossip column, the Razz.
The 25-year-old BRMB star, who today begins a regular Birmingham Mail music gossip column on page 46, can have a lie in, mess about during the day and then go to work.
PETE Doherty, he of Kate Moss boyfriend gossip column fame, finally gets around to releasing a debut album with his own band Babyshambles.
In a Boston Herald gossip column Wednesday, Trinka Lowe is quoted: ``I don't want this portrayed as some sweet romance between the baseball player and the sports reporter, that his marriage broke up and he fell into her arms.
The gossip column was created for newspapers and magazines to transport us from our own miserable mundane lives to the glittering world of Hollywood.
In his plea in a New York gossip column he asked for women to send in their requests - but laid down strict guidelines.
Sean Lennon, 30, has appealed to a New York gossip column to help him find a girl to ring in the New Year with him.
Yet the more cosmopolitan Austrian capital is just an hour's drive away - Vienna's best informed gossip column said Kidman and husband Tom Cruise dropped $15,000 in a city boutique in one visit.
Newly sensitized to this higher truth, I read in a gossip column that megastar Michael Jackson urged Jackie O.