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And if his rumoured relationship with Ulrika - whose chequered love-life has earned her has much attention as her TV career - does turn out to be true, the acclaimed coach, who has become immensely popular in England since taking over the national team, is set to make more regular appearances in the gossip columns.
But Bellows' biggest success was "The Ear" gossip column which was written by a saucy Englishwoman named Diana McLellan and long-time Star reporter Louise Lague.
I'd really like to target something for children because I feel like that is the generation I want to try and re-educate about food and what they're putting into their bodies," the Daily Express quoted her as telling New York Post gossip column Page Six.
Famous faces turn up on the box in guest roles this week starting with sometime actress and gossip column regular Sienna Miller, above, who joins Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond in Top Gear (BBC2, Today, 8pm) as this week's Star In A Reasonably Priced Car.
INSIDER loves the stars as much as the next gossip column .
That's right, the Herald reported the departure of its star reporter in a gossip column based on the reporting of another newspaper.
Geordie Phil Sunderland has been living in Australia for over a year now, but he makes sure he gets his weekly dose of his favourite gossip column online every Friday.
The Mike Walker gossip column broke the supposed news, which then filtered into various talk shows and TV outlets.
It's a tasty snack, enjoyable in a Vanity Fair gossip column airplane-read sort of way, and it's got great bones, so be seen with it.
Brennan said the big story was buried in Deb Peterson's gossip column, where she said Rigali was taking pains to "take care of his key aides" left behind.
The obligatory gossip column in a 1981 issue reports, for example: "At 4 o'clock controversial critic Benjamin Buchloh.
There's plenty of publicity hungry soap stars more than willing to embarrass themselves in the name of front page headlines and gossip column titbits.