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A deficiency, misappropriation, or defalcation; a minus balance; something wanting.

Deficit is commonly used to mean any kind of shortage, as in an account, a number, or a balance due. Deficit spending or financing involves taking in less money than the amount that is paid out.


Federal Budget.


n. a shortage, less than is due, or in the case of a business or government budget, more expenditures than income. Unbalanced budgets with a planned year-end deficit are prohibited at every level of government except the federal.


noun absence, arrears, balance to pay, dearth, default, deficiency, financial shortage, inadequacy, insufficiency, lack, loss, meagerness, omission, overdraft, paucity, scantiness, scarcity, shortage, shortness
See also: arrears, debt, decrement, deficiency, delinquency, due, insufficiency, need, poverty

DEFICIT. This Latin term signifies that something is wanting. It is used to express the deficiency which is discovered in the accounts of an accountant, or in the money in which he has received.

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Hassan said that Nahhas had prevented the government deficit from being "the lowest in 20 years.
He added: "It is important to note that the underlying 2009 General Government deficit is 11.
Philip Shaw, economist at Investec, said: 'I think this alleviates some of the concerns of the size of the Government deficit this year.
Philip Shaw, economist at Investec, said:I think it alleviates some of the concerns of the size of the Government deficit this year,'' he said.
S&P said it lowered its foreign and local currency ratings on Japan from AA to AA-Minus on April 15 on the projection that Japan's 2002-2003 general government deficit will reach nearly 9% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP).
The consolidated government deficit (including state governments) is likely to remain around 8% of GDP annually over the next few years.
The current surplus of Social Security taxes over benefits is merely masking the size of the general government deficit.
Despite French government deficit cutting and a stagnant job market, speculative projects of 1.
Bernheim |1988~ concludes that the government deficit is a prime determinant of U.
The government deficit and debt situation is not a new phenomenon.
Bernheim found that about 30 per cent of the government deficit is translated into a budget deficit in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, West Germany, and Mexico.

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