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Earlier this year, the Mercatus Center published data from 2010 showing that fully 49 percent of the population received government handouts.
Become an alcoholic, a drug addict or a lardie, and your government handout is higher than the OAP who has worked hard and paid taxes all their life.
The pounds 81 million government handout right before an election has the stench of voter bribery about it.
Or it could be, especially in the case of lower middle-class and poor Americans, that the voters have already chosen the candidate that they believe will give them the biggest government handout.
UP to 1,500 jobs could be created in some of Merseyside's poorest areas thanks to a pounds 22m government handout.
2 billion profit last year, and Sainsbury (pounds 267 million) are among cash-laden firms sharing a pounds 4million Government handout.
THE region is to share a Government handout of more than pounds 2 million to reduce waiting times for tests that will detect cancer and other common diseases at an early stage.
One said: "With his money, he is the last person you'd expect to go grovelling for a Government handout.
If any other businesses asked for a government handout (as they often do), we progressives would vehemently oppose them (as we often do).
Narrowly escaping the recent round of congressional budget cuts, the LIHTC program faces a new hurdle in the form of a Congressional study viewed as an attempt to characterize the LIHTC as a government handout.
This means that despite parents receiving a Government handout to cover a third of the costs, some can no longer afford to dump their youngsters while they go to work.
4m government handout to tackle depriv a t i o n i n th e borough.

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