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We also expect that the government type will have an interactive effect with the time-dependent variables (duration, electoral clock).
Adding information about government type changes the relative weight of the other variables, indicating that government type is independent of per capita GDP, years since independence, and even democratization but that it is tied to level of freedom and literacy.
It takes nearly an hour for Godzilla to make his entrance in a film that begins with lots of hyper-secretive government types debating seismic activity that can only point to one thing: enormous prehistoric creatures awakened from their millennia-long slumber.
It all came crashing down during an LNG Summit in Fort Nelson First Nation mid-April that brought together First Nations leaders, industry representatives and government types.
At last sight, the angler was getting enough attention from blue-shirted government types that he might have reconsidered his trip.
That sentiment is pretty typical of the government types who submitted letters.
The North East has a few junior shadow Government types, who have so far kept away from commenting.
The goo-goos - the good government types - think the turnover would produce a stream of fresh policy ideas.
Good government types hoped the Arizona law would inspire other states to adopt public financing, but the opposite may be true.
I am not saying only democracy, and I am talking about all the systems, all the government types, religions -- all of them.
You will find these government types in our World in Focus tables (pp.

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