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Government-owned entities in Dubai are likely to receive more financial aid from either the federal government or its oil-rich neighbor, Abu Dhabi, reports Arabian Business, citing the nation's Minister of Economy.
He expressed his trust in the competence of Mumtalakat to optimise government-owned companies and increase their contribution to the gross domestic product.
Wouldn't a government-owned activity staffed by public employees offer a baseline for comparison and competition with the private sector?
A Lean Six Sigma analysis resulted in a process for repairing Government-owned containers that is cheaper than leasing commercial containers.
Lines has extensive experience in appraisals, sales and redevelopment for a number of government-owned properties in the United Kingdom.
The SEC alleges that the company paid more than $205,000 in improper payments to managers of Chinese government-owned steel mills in 30 sales transactions.
Edited by Gabriel Roth, whose expertise includes twenty years of service as Transportation Economist for the World Bank, Street Smart: Competition, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Roads is an anthology of essays by learned authors discussing both theory and practice for private, market-based alternatives for road services from licensing vehicles and drivers to management of government-owned road facilities to franchising, outright private ownership, and more.
Following the end of the Cold War, the Department of Defense (DOD) significantly reduced its purchases of small and medium caliber ammunition and reduced the number of government-owned plants that produce small and medium caliber ammunition.
SFFAS 27, Identifying and Reporting Earmarked Funds, clarifies the term trust fund, which, in the federal budget, pertains to nonfiduciary assets--mostly government-owned assets intended to fully or partially finance specific federal programs.
A fair number of teaching hospitals have transferred from government-owned to private over the last 30 years for a variety of reasons, either to operate more efficiently, or most recently, to protect universities from hospital losses, Dr.
Then, in June, The Miami Herald reported that a government-owned venture fund had invested $200,000 in Bizta.

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