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The Postal Service has had a tough time for nearly 40 vears since about the same time it became a government-owned corporation instead of a department what with the advent of such competitors as FedEx and UPS.
After that it was discussed at a core committee of the chief ministers' meeting, the core committee of 10 chief ministers," said Mukherjee at a function hosted by the government-owned Corporation Bank at Kolkata.
In large part, she said she didn't want to judge the measure without assessing the prospects for reforming SAIF to make it more accountable to the the public and to return it to its "insurer of last resort" role before it was converted from a state agency to a government-owned corporation in 1980.
FPI is a government-owned corporation that is given mandatory source preference in the federal market.
The role of the government-owned corporation called Investissement Quebec (Investment Quebec) is to stimulate private investment and create jobs in Quebec.
One case in point was the purchase, by the Life Insurance Corporation of India, of a 27 percent stake in the profitable government-owned Corporation Bank.
triggered a computer failure that took further 10 minutes to restore, said Richard Dudley, a spokesman for Air Services Australia, a government-owned corporation that manages the airport's air traffic control services.
CITIC is a Chinese government-owned corporation created to engage in commercial activity as an agent in China's economic reform process.
It would reorganize the patent office, now under the Commerce Department, as a government-owned corporation funded by application fees rather than federal subsidies.
The then Trade and Industry Minister Ariel Sharon named Eitan as chairman of the Board of Israel Chemicals, Israel's largest government-owned corporation.
The administration also hopes to convert the Federal Housing Administration to a government-owned corporation.
He assumed chairmanship of the board of trustees of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) after Duterte appointed him as board member of the government-owned corporation.

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