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GRAIN, weight. The twenty-fourth part of a pennyweight.
     2. For scientific purposes the grain only is used, and sets of weights are constructed in decimal progression, from 10,000 grains downward to one hundredth of a grain.

GRAIN, corn. It signifies wheat, rye, barley, or other corn sown in the ground In Pennsylvania, a tenant for a certain term is entitled to the way- going crop. 5 inn. 289, 258; 2 Binn. 487; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 14.

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The greater hardness of the predominately ferritic structure is due to the higher than nor mal Si and the presence of grain boundary carbides.
This volume collects 34 papers from a June 2010 conference discussing current work in grain boundary diffusion, grain boundary segregation, bulk diffusion, phase formation, and diffusion controlled processes.
NANTES, France & OBERKOCHEN, Germany -- Scientists at the University of Nantes (France) have recently developed a novel technique to detect and quantify grain boundary segregations using wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (WDS).
Among the paper titles are grain boundary defects in ZnO Ceramic doped with Mo, by M.
A few examples of specific topics include a parametric analysis of relative humidity effects on traditional panel paintings, low-temperature grain boundary diffusion data measured from historical artifacts, nanoparticles in luster reconstructions, the provenance of ancient glass through compositional analysis, and confocal x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy as a technique for the nondestructive compositional depth profiling of paintings.
The final volume contains papers on amorphous, quasicrystalline, and nanocrystalline materials; thin film materials and processing; grain boundary, interface, and surface engineering; and materials characterization and evaluation.
Similar to AVX's Maxi and Maxi+ product offerings, the new single-layer ceramic capacitor series, designated Ultra Maxi, features X7R characteristics and a dielectric constant of 60,000 - double the previous industry high for Grain Boundary Barrier Layer (GBBL) formulations.
By analyzing the CG-Silicon thin-film semiconductor with a high-resolution electron microscope and an electron beam diffraction image, it was proved that the CG-Silicon semiconductor had an unprecedented level of crystal orientation as well as atomic-level continuity in its silicon grain boundary.
Due to the low grain boundary mobility, the dynamic recrystallization rate is much slower under low deformation temperature and high strain rate [39].
It is reported that the coating formed by the bulk powder are immune to grain dislodgment due to grain boundary cracking [17].