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From the time of the blood draw, the Gram stain was reported an average of 23.
Slide preparation: The variability of specimen sources requiring the gram stain has made standardized automation of sample preparation (the application of sample material to a microscopic slide) unfeasible thus far.
1] ]The VENTANA Gram Stain Kit is being launched as a US Class I exempt/ CE-IVD product.
From a clinical standpoint, this case displayed the classical signs and symptoms of a bacterial meningococcal disease with the exception of the negative Gram stain and culture results.
But the most significant part of the Gram stain is the presence of a homogenous distribution of bacteria, not a collection for three to five different types of organisms.
gonorrhoeae, along with Trichomonas vaginalis wet preps and genital Gram stains performed on patients seen in an emergency department between January 2004 and December 2004.
The researchers also examined Pap smears and a recently developed colorimetric pH test, which take less time and require less specialized personnel than the Gram stain, as alternative tools for diagnosing bacterial vaginosis.
meningosepticum infection when Gram-negative bacilli are detected by Gram stain or culture, in immunocompromised patients, especially premature neonates, and when host tissue integrity has been disrupted through instrumentation or internal placement of medical or surgical devices.
Gram stain (Figure, C) and a modified acid-fast stain (Figure, D) revealed gram-positive, partially acid-fast filamentous organisms branching at right angles within the eosinophilic material consistent with Nocardia organisms.
To assure that specimens were sputum, not saliva, the laboratory was instructed to gram stain all specimens.