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n. slang for a criminal defendant's previous record of criminal charges, convictions, or other judicial disposal of criminal cases (such as probation, dismissal or acquittal). Only previous felony convictions can be introduced into evidence. However, the record of "priors" can have an impact on sentencing, as with prior drunk driving convictions requiring mandatory jail sentences, and "three strikes, you're out," providing for extended sentences for the third felony conviction.


adjective antecedent, anterior, earlier, first, foregoing, former, inaugural, introductory, late, lead, old, past, precedent, preceding, precursory, prefatory, preliminary, preludial, prelusive, prevenient, previous, proemial, quondam, superior
Associated concepts: prior approval, prior conviction, prior lien, prior restraint
See also: aforesaid, antecedent, back, before mentioned, former, last, preceding, precursory, preexisting, preferred, preliminary, preparatory, previous, said
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A spokesman for St John Ambulance said: "The Grand Prior Award is highly prized by those who gain it.
The cadets thoroughly deserve the recognition that comes with the Grand Prior Award and we hope that they will inspire more young people to learn first aid and get involved in our youth programme.
HONOURED: Les and Barbara Taylor, above, were invested as members of the Order of St John Picture by IAN COOPER; MEMORIES: Barbara above left in 1972 receiving a Grand Prior Award from Lady Serena James.
Along with Craig Newbery-Jones, 16, from Carmarthenshire, Kelly Davies was chosen for the visit after gaining the highest recognition that a Cadet can achieve - the Grand Prior Award.
John has been named Warwickshire county cadet of the year, while Simon and Allan have successfully completed the Grand Prior Award, the highest award which can be given to cadets.
In addition to officially formalising Mr Clayton-Jones' appointment within the organisation, The Duke, who is Grand Prior of the Order of St John, Dan Clayton-Jones invested and promoted more than 40 St John Wales members into the Order of St John.
St John Ambulance cadet Claire Tunney, 15, has just returned from Buckingham Palace where she was presented with the Grand Prior Award from HRH The Princess Royal.
He has achieved Cadet of the Year, and been awarded the elite Grand Prior Award from Lord Crathorne for his work with the corps," said Andree.

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