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GRANDCHILDREN, domestic relations. The children of one's children. Sometimes these may claim bequests given in a will to children, though in general they can make no such claim. 6 Co. 16.

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In 2000 in South Dakota there were 8,019 grandparents living with their grandchildren under 18 years; 4,632 (58%) of those grandparents were responsible for the care of their grandchildren.
She received more than 52 cards on Mother's Day and got so many Christmas presents from her 52 grandchildren and great-grandchildren it took her several days to open them all.
Yet another social awareness-boosting alternative: Have clients consider establishing a family-run charitable foundation, with children or grandchildren participating in the distribution decisions.
Today's grandparents are encouraged to see their grandkids taking health more seriously--as the survey shows 30 percent would tell their adult grandchildren to take better care of their health.
Despite the recent squeeze on pensioner income, one in five (20%) grandparents say they actually spend more on their grandchildren than they did on their own children.
Spending on grandchildren starts before they are even born, with 50 per cent of grandparents contributing an average of pounds 100 towards a cot, while 61 per cent gave around pounds 165 towards a pram or buggy and 42 per cent paid for a car seat costing around pounds 125.
The leisure time of grandparents is often full of engagement with their grandchildren.
Pfeiffer lives in Woodland Hills and looks forward to getting together with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren every year.
2503-6(c), Example (2), in which funds were transferred to a trust that required the trustee to use the trust funds to pay tuition expenses for the transferors grandchildren.
Siblings are not considered family, but parents, children and grandchildren are.
Grandparents who are in a position to leave money to grandchildren often want to do something for their grandchild with special needs.