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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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Critique: Being a Proactive Grandfather is a guide to maintaining a rich relationship with one's family, and especially one's grandchildren.
Jessica Randell, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court that in 2015 Gillott began to help his grandfather Roy on a daily basis.
All of them died in the electric chair - "Ol' Sparky" - a grisly method that left flesh burned and bodies smoking in the death chamber as my grandfather read their vital signs.
My mother tells me my grandfather always wanted a family.
Police said accused Saeed exchanged hot words with his grandfather Shah Hamid over share in inherited property after which he opened fire killing his grandfather on the spot and fled the scene in Chak 85-D of Pakpattan.
My grandfather enlisted in the US Army Air Forces in March 1943 in Chicago, Illinois, and became a clerk-typist in the headquarters squadron of the 302nd Transport Wing.
Walkus' grandfather sold the blanket to the Royal BC Museum more than three decades ago, but part of the sale's condition was that if his children or grandchildren wanted to wear it, they were allowed, It was a long process to get the blanket from the museum, but it was worth it, Walkus said.
Not all the cash he had withdrawn had been spent on himself some had been spent getting items for his grandfather, he said.
My grandfather, Albert Hulme, lived in Hughstead Grove, Garston.
But, in many cases, insurers have changed the plans too much for the plans to qualify for grandfather status, Carney said.
Although the reasons for the lack of theory construction indigenous to grandfather research are not clear, others have made similar observations about the more encompassing grandparent literature (e.
Her grandfather had been a migrant from Italy and had set up his own Italian restaurant in the city.