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GRANDMOTHER, domestic relations. The mother of one's father or mother. The father's mother is called the paternal grandmother; the mother's mother is the maternal grandmother.

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The grandmother was ill at the time and he himself was out of work.
Later he was caught and his grandmother settled the mat- ter by offering to come twice a week for a month and scrub the shop.
I had almost forgotten that I had a grandmother, when she came out, her sunbonnet on her head, a grain-sack in her hand, and asked me if I did not want to go to the garden with her to dig potatoes for dinner.
Grandmother called my attention to a stout hickory cane, tipped with copper, which hung by a leather thong from her belt.
In a back room upon the second floor the lad was explaining, not without considerable difficulty, to his grandmother that he had decided to return to England upon the next steamer.
His attention was riveted upon the bed in which he thought to find a young boy and his helpless, invalid grandmother.
My dear grandmother," interrupted Valentine, "consider decorum -- the recent death.
Valentine poured the orangeade into a glass and gave it to her grandmother with a certain degree of dread, for it was the same glass she fancied that had been touched by the spectre.
I verily believe that if the Grandmother had held her tongue a few seconds longer she would have had a stroke.
Cake and wine; yesterday was baking-day, so poor sick grandmother is to have something good, to make her stronger.
Yes," said the grandmother, "she flies where the swarm hangs in the thickest clusters.
Why, I have known that grandmother of mine lie in her bed and drink her four-teen glasses of liquor before breakfast