Straw Man

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Straw Man

An individual who acts as a front for others who actually incur the expense and obtain the profit of a transaction.

In the terminology employed by real estate dealers, a straw man is an individual who acts as a conduit for convenience in holding and transferring title to the property involved. For example, such a person might act as an agent for another in order to take title to real property and execute whatever documents and instruments the principal directs with respect to the transaction.

straw man

n. 1) a person to whom title to property or a business interest is transferred for the sole purpose of concealing the true owner and/or the business machinations of the parties. Thus, the straw man has no real interest or participation but is merely a passive stand-in for a real participant who secretly controls activities. Sometimes a straw man is involved when the actual owner is not permitted to act, such as a person with a criminal record holding a liquor license. 2) an argument which is intended to distract the other side from the real issues or waste the opponent's time and effort, sometimes called a "red herring" (for the belief that drawing a fish across a trail will mislead hunting dogs).

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Central banks are grasping at straws, hoping that flooding the world with money created out of thin air will somehow resolve a crisis caused by uncontrolled government spending and irresponsible debt issuance," the Texas Congressman said.
Summary: Liverpool were left grasping at straws last night as their disastrous Champions League campaign ended with another defeat.
But it's grasping at straws as that form, from 2003-05, is pretty old and she's won 11 tournaments since and become undisputed world No.
Possibly grasping at straws, the World Bank, in its most recent review of the Honduran economy (updated in August 2006) calls Honduras, "the most open country in Central America.
According to skeptics interviewed by The Korea Herald (Seoul), the Government seemed to be grasping at straws.
But in person, Fetzer sounds less like an unscrupulous author grasping at straws than a man determined to preach his truth to the world at large, whether or not the world is ready to hear it.
The debt was already there and we were grasping at straws - we'd have taken Charles Manson on as a director if we thought he could save the club.
This was to be our last attempt at having more children so we were grasping at straws and wanted all three embryos transferred to her.
The idea of one race dominating another is not biologically based, but a cultural grasping at straws.
The fact that it was only third hand hearsay upon which Grabb's boys based their "warning" to Stopford has the NIS and Provost Marshall Patricia Samson, in particular, grasping at straws to try to justify their actions.
Their family's upset, they're upset, and they're grasping at straws.
But at least one researcher expressed concern that NASA may be grasping at straws in an effort to salvage some of the scientific treasures the agency had hoped Mars Observer would radio home.