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Jason Pramas, 32, a national board member of the Gray Panthers and coordinator of the DSA Social Security Action Project, is also an organizer for the Campaign on Contingent Work/Workers Center in Boston, which is working to improve the political and economic conditions for part-time, temp, and contract workers in Massachusetts and through.
An area where the Gray Panthers exhibited its understanding related to the deep social problems of poverty and racial and gender discrimination was early on when we fought for child care for working women, pre-natal care, and for better schools and a free public education.
Gray Panthers deputy director Patti Rizzo says, "HR 1598 creates the ultimate irony: the bill will cost consumers $11 billion at the same time Congress is struggling to make medicine more affordable.
For more than two decades, health care has been a priority for The Gray Panthers.
Prior to the vote, the Texas Consumer Association and the Gray Panthers of Texas had sent a letter outlining their strong objections to this tax increase on low-income Texans.
At first burdened with the high-church title the Consultation of Older and Younger Adults for Social Change, they were dubbed the Gray Panthers by a New York talk show host.
A handful of women with the Gray Panthers - a senior citizens lobbying group - showed up at a Valley VOTE press conference last week to heckle the speakers, citing rent control as one of their main concerns.
Will Thomas, Director of the Corporate Accountability Project for the Gray Panthers, and a former MCI employee said: "Greed and intimidation create their own momentum.
Several women with the Valley chapter of the Gray Panthers and some members of the anti-secession group One Los Angeles booed and shouted as various supporters of Valley cityhood came to the podium in front of Van Nuys City Hall.
It's unconscionable to relax public health protections using a calculation that a senior citizen's life is worth 63 percent of a younger American's," said Jim Dawson of the Gray Panthers.
On the other side, a five-member contingent of the Valley chapter of the Gray Panthers, an advocacy organization of older people, sat in the second row wearing matching homemade T-shirts stating their support of a unified city.
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