Great cattle

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GREAT CATTLE. By this, term, in the English law, is, meant all manner of beasts except sheep and yearlings. 2 Rolle's Rep. 173.

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The Great Cattle Plague went on for five months, and nearly half a million farm animals were slaughtered.
In 1899, an entrepreneur named Gibson opened a small tack (saddle, bridle and general horse equipment) shop at what had been the terminus of the great cattle drives a few years before: Wichita.
A gentle steer named Old Blue became a legendary leader in the days of the great cattle drives.
By the height of the great cattle drives of the 1870s and '80s, the cowboys' rich vocabulary had been woven into rhyming story poems recited around the campfire.
The fine steakhouse has been modeled in the tradition of the great cattle ranches of the Southwest, where friends and family come together to enjoy great food, warm hospitality and lively storytelling in a comfortable setting.
Think again of the great cattle market called Expo 2000, I mean Euro 2000.