Great law

GREAT LAW. The name of an act of the legislature of Pennsylvania, passed at Chester, immediately after the arrival of William Penn, December 7th, 1682. Serg. Land Laws of Penn. 24, 230.

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Bar always had a suspicion of this, and perhaps was glad to encourage it (for, if the world were really a great Law Court, one would think that the last day of Term could not too soon arrive); and so he liked and respected Physician quite as much as any other kind of man did.
Filled with good cheer and mountain mutton, one of the free trappers began to repine at the solitude of his lodge, and to experience the force of that great law of nature, "it is not meet for man to live alone.
On the theory of descent with modification, the great law of the long enduring, but not immutable, succession of the same types within the same areas, is at once explained; for the inhabitants of each quarter of the world will obviously tend to leave in that quarter, during the next succeeding period of time, closely allied though in some degree modified descendants.
Now, of those attendant bodies which the sun maintains in their elliptical orbits by the great law of gravitation, some few in turn possess satellites.
That they then began to demolish the house with great fury, and setting fire to it in several parts, involved in a common ruin the whole of the costly furniture, the plate and jewels, a beautiful gallery of pictures, the rarest collection of manuscripts ever possessed by any one private person in the world, and worse than all, because nothing could replace this loss, the great Law Library, on almost every page of which were notes in the Judge's own hand, of inestimable value,--being the results of the study and experience of his whole life.
As a legislature, we have a great opportunity to make sure that our proud and great law enforcement officers, and every citizen we represent, are able to at least know that they will be seen and heard, and that their rights will be protected.
are such good friends of the University, and their extraordinary commitment will allow a bold future for an already great law school," Rodriguez said.
The Nation and its people have a unique spiritual, cultural, and historic relationship with the land, which is embodied in Gayanashagowa, the Great Law of Peace.
One other great law and economics thinker of the early 1960s was Guido Calabresi, whose famous formulation of the law of accidents was to minimize the sum of the costs of accidents, the cost of their prevention, and the administration of the system, within the overall constraint of justice.
I am grateful to The Legal Intelligencer for so conspicuously recognizing the achievements of this great law department," said Patricia Diaz Dennis, former member of the National Labor Relations Board and member of the U.
Dr Ama Eyo is one of only six law lecturers from institutions across the UK shortlisted for the Oxford University Press Law Teacher of the Year Award, set up specifically to reward great law teaching in both further and higher education.
Teilhard recognized that this great law of evolution was at work at every level of being--biological, personal, social, emotional, mental and spiritual.
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