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And I'm applying all of the above parameters to stocks with Prices greater than or equal to 5 (most money managers won't even look at a stock under $5) and Average Daily Volume greater than or equal to 50,000 shares (if there's not enough volume, even individual investors won't want it).
And their two most recent Quarter over Quarter periods (Q0/Q-1 and Q-1/Q-2) are greater than or equal to 5%
Patients in both studies were assessed for clinical response (defined as a decrease in Mayo score of greater than or equal to 30 and greater than or equal to 3 points, accompanied by a rectal bleeding score of 0 or 1 at week eight), clinical remission (defined as a Mayo score of less than or equal to 2, with no individual sub-scores greater than 1) and mucosal healing (defined as an Endoscopy sub-score of 0 or 1).

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