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GREE, obsolete. It signified satisfaction; as, to make gree to the parties, is, to agree with, or satisfy them for, an offence done.

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In July 2013, GREE announced that Knights & Dragons, had surpassed $1 million in monthly revenue.
We did't iclude Easter Gree ad other places for techical reasos, ad ot just because of public oppositio.
Gree will supply Daikin with 500,000 home air conditioners annually for the Japanese market.
GREE and the GREE logo are registered trademarks of GREE, Inc.
cid=481720736332929) ZNGA ) struggled to remain financially solvent throughout 2012, the unprecedented growth of Japanese mobile and social game companies GREE and its close rival DeNA (TYO: (http://www.
GREE provides a rich lineup of social games and will continue to expand its content offering in its pursuit of developing the world's leading mobile social games ecosystem.
The partnership will bring Mind Candy's popular family brand Moshi Monsters to GREE's 230 million worldwide users, while introducing the GREE Platform to an active community of more than 60 million registered Moshi Monsters users globally.
Gree has been developing a global platform for social network games to expand its business abroad.
JAPAN with GREE content such as social games and original IP," GREE's (http://v3.
Acting on a suit filed by Gree against DeNA, Presiding Judge Masayuki Abe said DeNA's game is produced on the basis of Gree's and infringes upon Gree's copyright.
With a focus on free-to-play games, ICS Mobile and GREE will collaborate in providing a comprehensive marketing and promotion solution to iOS developers.
GREE recently partnered with four new game studios based in US and Canada: Independent developers Enders Fund, Fathom Interactive, Fifth Column, and FreezeTag will all publish games on GREE's social gaming network.