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Written by John David Lewis (Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University) Early Greek Lawgivers is a scholarly study of the men who brought and administrated law in early Greek city states.
The men who created this nation knew the results of the democracies in the pre-Christian Greek city states, and they were horrified at what democracy had produced.
But in the ancient Greek city states not everybody felt the need to get involved in council administration.
Written in 400 BC by Greek author Herodotus, who travelled throughout the ancient world, The Histories is a fictional account of an epic clash between the Persian Empire and a loose collection of Greek city states.
In that work he argued for the origins of the Western concept of the "decisive battle" in the culture of the classical Greek city states.
2] For better or worse, the (perhaps idealized) simplicity of life in Greek city states had been replaced by much more complex social structures, ancestors of the ones we have today.