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Here she took neo-classical motifs, such as the Greek key pattern, columns and classical maidens and exaggerated them, setting them off in niches or against strong colours or panels to create dynamic rhythms.
From hand-embroidered silk pillows with Greek key patterning, to a great assortment of museum-mounted busts, this look brings normally high-priced items into the home at a great value.
From the European Ecolabel award in 2006 to the SLH Caring Luxury Award in 2007, the Best Spa Hotel in 2008, the TUV certificate in 2008, the Ecological Greek Key Label Certification in 2010, the Trip Advisor certificate of excellence in 2011, the Greek Conde Nast Traveler as the best hotel in Northern Greece in 2011 and the International 5 star Diamond Award in 2012, the Eagles Palace luxury hotel & spa continues to strive in providing outstanding services and amenities while maintaining its environmental consciousness and beyond comparison devotion to luxury and recognized excellence.
Zara was six minutes late for the 3pm ceremony and arrived looking dazzling in a gown designed by the Queen's couturier Stewart Parvin, a Greek key tiara loaned by her mother and clutching a bouquet of white calla lilies.
Jonathan Adler added a wool flatweave with a Greek Key border design that is being done as a square because the pattern lends itself to that shape, according to Allison Julius, director of public relations for the company.
Greek Key, a timeless motif made modern with bold color and scale, is available tone-on-tone with a matte finish in orange, blue and charcoal.
Perfect for the bedside, the Phila wall lamp (#89-5802-7L) from Pacific Coast Lighting features a gold leaf finish and a Greek key motif to capture the charm of a Mediterranean villa.
Activate came through to take charge in his work with Admission and Greek Key, while the Queen's Tactician put in a nice piece of work with his two companions.
Designs in the "sisal look" flatweaves are reminiscent of menswear, with geometrics, boxes and Greek Key patterns remaining the most popular, although there are some palm leaf patterns.
Styles include a dramatic lattice pattern with a Greek key border on a black background.
The new Kaleidoscope group from Butera's line, for example, is a red, white and blue story that includes ikat, animal skin and Greek key designs.
Best-sellers are the classic Greek key pattern on coir and golf-themed mats.