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According to Feng Shui the ceramic container brings 'soil' chi energy that is associated with family harmony, while the low spreading green plants and white flowers encourage a stable, settled atmosphere.
The major "pollutant" was CO2, which in the presence of sunlight and water allows green plants to photosynthesise.
Coun Michael Clare, lead member for environment, housing and transport, said: "We have now taken the decision to just use an environmentally-friendly herbicide, glyphosate, that kills only actively-growing green plants.
Live green plants can be utilized in any room in the house.
Like all green plants, grasses use sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, and water to perform photosynthesis and grow.
Green plants may be regenerated from the embryos produced.
Although gas-absorption rates varied greatly from one patch of watermelon snow to another, some snowfields with particularly high concentrations of the microbe consumed carbon dioxide about 10 percent as voraciously as green plants do.
When I was in high school biology class, I learned that carbon dioxide, CO2, is essential to the process of photosynthesis in green plants.
As you say, flytraps are green plants and can make their own food.
Be sure to include insects, small plant-eating animals (herbivores), larger meat-and plant-eating animals (omnivores), large meat-eating animals (carnivores), green plants used as food (producers), and funguses (decomposers).
When exposed to light, green plants emit light in different wavelengths across the visible spectrum.
Recent advances in genetics have expanded the list to five: red algae, green plants, animals, fungi, and stamenopiles (which look like plants but don't do photosynthesis).