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By the time F-K commercialized Greenware in 2005, he was so enthusiastic that he told NatureWorks, "We want to be your first carload customer.
Glaze hand-built, wet greenware immediately--bypassing the intermediate and separate bisque firing.
Just so they don't buy it thinking they have a traditional pot, then show it to a friend back home who knows pottery only to discover that they have greenware.
The recipes formulated were used for the coating of ceramic wares and subjected to test firing at temperatures ranging from 1167[degrees]C to 1186[degrees]C using one straight firing from greenware to gloss temperatures.
It was an exceptional event; the teams were impressive, the audience crowded and the opportunity to receive feedback from nine venture capitalists unparalleled," stated Michael Dwork, the founder of GreenWare.
If the Greek artists once depicted Zeus striding forward, with a thunderbolt leveled in his raised right hand, Eugene 08's Green Team would settle for people sauntering to one of their waste "kiosks" and - forget the thunderbolts - putting their corn-based Greenware cup in "compost" rather than "trash.
It is greenware, commercially molded clay that is painted and fired - and it's another example of the eroding of American Indian ways.
The 100 percent corn-based cups are produced by Fabri-Kal and its Greenware line of packaging products.
It was a first for me to exhibit greenware but I felt a little better about my carbon footprint and was intrigued by the concept of a work's permanence being up to the patron and not the artist.
The pieces would be in pairs, to provide ensurance if greenware or kiln or transportation disasters occurred.
Ceramic Shop - Students furnish their own greenware, paint and tools.
I demonstrated using various construction techniques, such as a completed mask in greenware and both a student and teacher mask that had been bisque fired and decorated with paint and other added textures.

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