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Specialist explosives officers attended the scene in Formby Road and confirmed that a grenade had been used.
RPO Amjad Javed Salimee told newsmen at the Nishtar Hospital that the boys had found the grenade from Naubahar canal and brought it with them taking it as a toy.
A lot of approximately 39,000 hand grenades reduced to deafening effect lethality,
Martin Killeen, the rare books librarian at the University of Birmingham, who has been researching the history of the First World War, said: "In the early stages of the war, the available hand grenades often caused as much injury to our soldiers as they BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS COMPANY BIRMINGHAM Small Arms Company Limited was a major industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing items from military and sporting firearms to machine tools.
Lakhimpur Police said the grenades were lobbed at Jail Road, Court Road and Chouldhuwa areas of the town over a period of 30-minutes.
But cautious security staff have confiscated the fake grenades at airports to avoid causing "alarm".
I remember my late Norwegian cousin Richie had a couple of hand grenades that he pilfered from the army after doing his national service.
The General Staff said the privates were carrying hand grenades to the depot but were not taking them inside.
In 1925, a 2" discharger was introduced in which the gas shutter was actually calibrated from 100 to 325 yards for high explosive grenades and from 100 to 250 yards for smoke grenades.
Investigations later revealed how live grenades had been unintentionally placed with dummy munitions.
BEIRUT: Hand grenades and other weapons were discovered in two cars in separate incidents Thursday, according to a security source.
The singer was in Glasgow last week and revealed that, as well as toy grenades and bras, fans are also throwing sweets.