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Last week, Mouawad launched its new Grand Ellipse and La Griffe range at its outlet in Opera Galleria.
OU serez-vous demain, Eves octogenaires, Sur qui pese la griffe effroyable de Dieu?
Officers found drugs paraphernalia and a quantity of fully grown cannabis plants during the search of the house on Griffe Drive.
Patrick Essono Nkouna alias << Pahe >> se fait connaitre au Gabon en tant que dessinateur de presse en officiant dans des journaux virulents et caustiques tels que La Griffe, Le Moustik, le journal qui pique (sous le pseudonyme d'Epa), La Cigale enchantee ou encore au Scribouillard.
Another novel of this kind is La Griffe du Leopard (The claw of the leopard) by Andre Villers published in 1950.
I cried for a fortnight until he reappeared with a grin and a bottle of Ma Griffe.
For example, he addresses the complex racial makeup of various Creoles and their astonishingly precise social labels: "mulatto (black and white), griffe (black and mulatto), sacrato (black and griffe), marabon (mulatto and griffe), os rouge (black and Indian), quadroom (white and mulatto), tierceron (mulatto and quadroon), and octoroon (white and quadroon)" (p.
E ate que ponto uma griffe e original, a medida que, para ser lucrativa, sua producao e construcao como griffe deve se pagar com a venda de poucas unidades?
My Dear wife for you and my children my pen cannot Express the griffe I feel to be parted from you all," an enslaved man sold to "Peterson atreader" writes in an 1858 letter (238).
In the designer-owned company, some renowned designers, whose names are associated with a griffe (signature), directly control some of the companies that develop their collections (for example, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace).
Le personnel de la bibliotheque est non partisan et aucun des deux employes n'exerce de fonctions d'analyste, ce qui signifie qu'il revient au caucus d'ajouter sa << griffe partisane >> a l'information recue de la bibliotheque.