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Unreal Madrid also grinded out a great 6-5 win against Southdene FC.
Gamers were excited,got their characters back up online, and grinded for many hours to prepare for the upcoming expansion.
I want to ask whose panja ( hand) grinded the rupee to 15 paise," Modi told the gathering.
A lot has been made of our consistency and I think we've proved we're a side that can bring it week in week out, and that was a tough game for us but we've grinded it out and we're all delighted.
Trading used cars fitted with Euro 3 and 4 engines, which have been historically the most traded vehicles, have almost grinded to a halt because of new taxation system.
Finally, Ebrahim Qaed and Ali Fakhro grinded eked out a hard-earned super tie-break victory against a determined Ali Al Attar and Hassan Al Attar.
But Monk said: "We dug in, grinded it out and got our chance at the end.
All of Elevation Burger's patties are hand-made and freshly grinded daily in the restaurants.
9 seconds ahead of McLaren's Jenson Button while championship leader Fernando Alosno grinded out third place.
On Monday night they grinded out a 15-6 victory over fellow high-flyers Catalans at the Halliwell Jones stadium, with those shining lights mentioned currently in fine form going into this all or nothing encounter.
I just hung in there and grinded my way around the golf course and stayed very patient, stayed in the moment," he said after two closing bogeys had dropped him off the leaderboard.