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This role provides a built-in layer of accountability between levels, where non-governmental organizations are tasked with groundlevel monitoring that is directly communicated to the local authorities.
The survey includes the digital reproduction and the 3-D measurement of all visible objects on the moment of the survey, and this based on pictures and/or video s (from the air or from the ground), or by using a station type TPS 1100 or equipment equal or better than this, or by laserscanning (from groundlevel or by aerial).
Ian, Cumbria VVWRONG point of view Why does Channel 4 persist in having a groundlevel headon view at the last fence, thus ruining a perfectly good picture angle going to the last?
33) The leaked documents "reflect a groundlevel view of developments [in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2009].
And that feeling of groundlevel claustrophobia, coupled with the amount of building that has gone on over the years, leads some outsiders to wrongly perceive the city as a 'concrete jungle'.
Knowsley Safari Park is praised for its low-level displays and the upstairs Sea Lion show with groundlevel entrance.