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Therefore, LMA, BFT, HW, HR, HD, and GC were fitted to a Gompertz growth curve function using SAS 9.
The Sand Dune : The 2003 launch of Breyer's Carb Smart is an example of a growth curve that leverages very rapid distribution to the masses via its affiliation to already-popular products.
This adjustment ensured that all data points would be available for growth curve analysis.
Characters like Grace McGregor of McGregor Communications, the mysterious Daniel Tayakanagi of Santomo Enterprise, and the challenging Dean Baldridge are beautifully interwoven with a number of CEO entrepreneurs who share with Peter the purpose of "Navigating the Growth Curvenavigating the growth curve.
Almost any growth curve, one would assume, either keeps rising or eventually levels off or it levels off then declines.
In this revision of the 1999 edition, scientists at the Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, introduce the statistical methodology of latent variable growth curve modeling (LGM) for studying change.
These are the questions facing new CEO Peter Logan in James Fischer's newly released business novel, "Navigating the Growth Curve.
Optical Communications went public in November and has been on an aggressive growth curve by targeting a niche market, metropolitan communications networks.
Lampl describes these nonperiodic, stepwise changes in the growth curve as "saltatory," or abruptly jumping.
I'm looking forward to working with Jeff and the Shutterfly board to help the company continue its steep growth curve and expand the category even further.
The company's growth curve has indeed been pretty steep.