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Guanarito virus (Arenaviridae) isolates from endemic and outlying localities in Venezuela: sequence comparisons among and within strains isolated from Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever patients and rodents.
brevicauda samples with detectable antibody, 5 reacted only to Pichinde virus antigen or their antibody titer to Pichinde virus was at least 4-fold higher than their titer to Guanarito virus (Table), suggesting those rodents were infected with Pichinde or a closely related virus.
Tacaribe serocomplex viruses (family Arenaviridae, genus Arenavirus) comprise Bear Canyon virus, Tamiami virus, and Whitewater Arroyo virus in the United States; Tacaribe virus (TCRV) on Trinidad; Chapare virus (CHPV) and Machupo virus (MACV) in Bolivia; Guanarito virus (GTOV) in Venezuela; Junin virus (JUNV) in Argentina; Sabia virus (SABV) in Brazil; and 9 other species (1).