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Congratulations to Guayaki for their vision, passion and drive to align their packaging message with the spirit of their product marketing, by providing caring consumers with a biodegradable, naturally-based packaging material.
Landowner Rivas has more than 12,350 acres of nearly pristine rain forest, and Pryor promises that once the Guayaki plantation expands from its current 250 acres to 500, its local growth will halt and the company will seek another location.
Grown on the Guayaki Rainforest Reserve in eastern Paraguay, where Pryor's extended family runs the project, the matte is certified organic, shade-grown and smoke-dried.
Guayaki works with farmers in South America to promote sustainable growing practices, to preserve and reforest the land, and to create a renewable income stream -- effectively bettering the lives of the local communities.
Guayaki Yerba Mate was one of the initial members of The Non GMO project, and continues to be strong supporters of this movement and Proposition 37.
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Guayaki, Sebastopol, CA, has introduced a traditional style Unsweetened Mate beverage.
A fusion of functionality and tea has hit the market with the launch of three organic yerba mate varieties from Guayaki.
Guayaki is celebrating yerba mate's diversity with the announcement of San Mateo Loose Yerba Mate.
Other Certified B Corporations featured at BLEND included Love & Hummus, Farmigo, Equator Coffee, Numi Organic Tea, Fearless Chocolate, VEEV, Guayaki, World Centric, Indigenous Designs, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, Alter Eco, Dharma Merchant Services, EO Products, and the hosting space: HUB Bay Area.