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Guayaki (Gwy-uh-KEE) was founded by Alex Pryor and David Karr in 1997.
Clastres, Pierre, 1998, Chronicle of the guayaki indians, Nueva York: Zone Books.
Although the plain tea may be an acquired taste, companies like Guayaki make flavored versions of unsweetened tea, sweet latte mix and energy drinks with a hint of cane juice to suit the American palate.
However, the Guayaki process is far from impact free.
For beverages, he serves an organic Guayaki mate latte, Thai nectar and organic almond milk.
26) Esto es un corolario casi universal de la division sexual de los papeles; basta pensar en las normas identicas vigentes entre los Guayaki de la Amazonia, donde las mujeres tienen severamente prohibido tocar el arco del marido, so pena del fracaso de este en la caza, e inversamente el marido tiene prohibido tocar la cesta con que la mujer se dedica a la recoleccion; en este caso ademas los respectivos instrumentos de produccion tienen una evidente simbolismo sexual, falico el arco y uterino la cesta (Clastres 1977, p.
The Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products company (GSRP) imports Guayaki Yerba Mate from the Paraguay's Guayaki Biological Reserve, home to 272 species of birds and 36 mammal species.
UK-based Innovia Films is known as an innovator in packaging film and has done extensive work with numerous companies in the coffee and tea industry, including Arbor Teas, Pistol and Burnes, and Guayaki.
In addition, Guayaki, a manufacturer of yerba mate products, reports that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons present in yerba mate due to the traditional smoke-drying process may be a link to cancer; thus, the manufacturer has altered its drying process in order to reduce these compounds.
RFI offers a variety of certified organic and fair-trade energy products and has partnered with Guayaki, for example, to develop yerba mate extracts.
Green espresso: Guayaki has introduced Gaucho's Fuerte Mate Blend, an espresso style yerba mate designed for preparation in automatic coffee makers.