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The gentle service includes silent and guided meditations and communion, offered to all, as is the custom at Disciples of Christ-affiliated churches.
A typical hour-long class with LeClair includes three guided meditations, each offering a new thought or mental task designed to allow participants to take control of their thoughts--excising the rambling stress-inducing worries that often seep in during quiet moments.
Sign up for the monthly Sunday tea ceremony ($25) or drop in for a guided meditation ($5 donation suggested) and stay for a wholesome communal-style vegetarian lunch ($8 donation suggested).
It consists of a combination of warm, soothing mud, herb-infused steam, guided meditation, two cleansing showers and a finale that involves sipping herbal tea while wrapped in a warm linen towel and reclining in a lounge chair.
We were very well taken care of and the General who was our host gave us a guided meditation on the night before we left for Chiengmai proper.
The aforementioned essay on Nicholas of Cusa's magnificent De visione Dei and a creative guided meditation based on that text are found here.
First it's the turn of Brandon Bays, author of the personal experience book, The Journey, to lead a guided meditation.
New Awakenings, Scottish training and motivational specialists, have recently launched a website which encourages computer users to take time out during the busy day for a little guided meditation.
With them she'll use guided meditation followed by a period of silence.
Micaela Cordoba (handle w/ MetaMama), a metaphysician who offers traditional healing to patients from a beachfront spa in Puerto Rico, hosted a guided meditation for $4.
Through self-exploration and guided meditation, the reader goes within to examine their past, reveal important life-lessons and learn how to replace blame, resentment and anger with forgiveness, compassion and love.
Later, they might rest the laugh muscles with a guided meditation.
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