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Figure 1 Thinking Hat Types and Directions for Stations Hat Type/ Decision- Color Making Step Directions for Each Station Baseball Gut Reaction With this hat, look at the decision Hat to be made using your intuition, gut reaction, and emotion.
My gut reaction is that we are pressing too far, too fast with ideas that impinge on our understanding of what normality is," he said.
He was a cameraman, a director and an editor who had a gut reaction to a story and was passionate about his craft.
Of course, my first gut reaction is "Are you kidding?
When high school seniors decide among the colleges and universities that have accepted them, many, like Sasha, let their gut reaction cast the final ballot.
The session began with a discussion of how journalists can "be trapped very easily if we only go from our gut reaction," as Bob Steele, another co-author of the book, pt it.
COACH: As you look at pitching in general, what kind of gut reaction do you have?
My gut reaction is let's get excited and mobilize some troops and take our fight to the public," he told the Charleston Post and Courier.
Research Director Daniel Amundson says, "My gut reaction is that the percentage of negative portrayals is down.
Five years ago, when the industry was importing 30 percent of its wood, the Central Association of Forest Industries, a trade group, blamed its woes on the ignorance of many of the country's 300,000 small woodlot owners, who were refusing to cut their wood out of "their gut reaction .
We must restrain from gut reaction and gather informed intelligence before striking.
The gut reaction of some may well be to call for uniforms to be withdrawn and allow children to extra wear what they want.