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The researchers concluded that people with strong moral convictions seem to not only base their trust in judgment on a gut reaction, "they do not trust even legitimate authorities to make the right decision in the first place.
His gut reaction was to quit immediately after nine of his players - who deny all charge - were initially arrested in La Manga on Tuesday following serious sexual allegations by three German girls.
He said: ''I've got to know Greg pretty well and my gut reaction is that something has gone wrong.
My gut reaction is that she will go to Paris --but the decision will hers,' said Dick after the Birmingham athlete's tally of 6282 points --the fourth best performance in the world this year.
Chandler have some Clarke specials and the gut reaction is to jump on the 7-2 for him to miss the cut because golf is like that, but I shall pass.
At the time, St Richard Gwyn Catholic school pupil Matthew simply said: "It was a gut reaction but I knew I had to do it
How easy it would be to stage this as an ``idea play,'' the kind of thing that's good for you, like liver, but that is too cerebral to evoke a gut reaction.
The gut reaction in view of Britain's lamentable record of booze bingeing and alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour is that this is madness.
My gut reaction at the time was that it wasn't a sending off and it had a huge bearing on the outcome.
WHILE David Beckham's gut reaction may be to stay and fight for a future at the club closest to his heart, his advisers would be better off asking him whether he prefers paella or pasta.
He said: 'It was an urgent gut reaction that whoever it was had to get rid of her body.
Hegarty added: "My gut reaction was that there was very little in both red cards.