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The Texas Terrier began its evolution in the late 1960s by an accidental mating of a registered Treeing Walker gyp that was left at home and a neighbor's fence-lumping Schnauzer.
The ranges of species in the genus Gyps overlap from India through central Asia and the Middle East to South Africa and Western Europe, and birds travel widely,' says Dr Debbie Pain, head of international research at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
We conclude that the crow is not susceptible to diclofenac and, more important, that toxicity in the Gyps species is probably related to zero-order metabolism.
In spite of the researchers' 10-year crusade and significant accomplishments, veterinary diclofenac continues to be used widely and illegally almost four years after the drug was banned, leaving the fate of wild Gyps vultures in doubt.
It didn't harm several species of Gyps vultures in tests, report Gerry Swan of the University of Pretoria in South Africa and his colleagues.