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Parra and Telleria (2004) also recorded that changes in the number of breeding pairs of Gyps fulvus in Spain was positively correlated to changes in livestock abundance during 1989-1999, supporting functional relationship between food availability and vulture abundance.
The population of Gyps vultures declined slowly during the 20th century in many parts of the world.
The Texas Terrier began its evolution in the late 1960s by an accidental mating of a registered Treeing Walker gyp that was left at home and a neighbor's fence-lumping Schnauzer.
The Himalayan Griffon is closely related to the critically endangered resident Gyps species of vultures but is not endangered.
WWF-Pakistan has been working for the protection of the Gyps vulture for more than a decade, both through in-situ and ex-situ conservation.
It didn't harm several species of Gyps vultures in tests, report Gerry Swan of the University of Pretoria in South Africa and his colleagues.
The seminar featured the documentary screening, Missing Vultures, which draws attention to the Gyps vulture crisis.
Canis lupus Gypaetus barbatus Gyps fulvus Milvus milvus Neophron percnopterus Ursus arctos
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In 2014, Mosaic asked Polk County officials for permission to make one of its Mulberry gyp stacks twice as wide and nearly 400 feet tall--taller than the highest natural point in Florida, which is 345 feet above sea level.
Gypsum @ 76 Bags Per Acre in Treatment GYP @ Rs 29 Per Bag (Rs/Acre) ii.
And how about such shockers as barracuda, burly, buxom, dear, dingbat, ditz, dizzy, fried chicken, gorgeous, gyp, housewife, illegal alien, Ivan, jock johns, lazy, pert, petite, rubbing noses, shiftless, stunning, swettie, and ugh.