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There are two door buster items listed for Best Buy HDTVs.
Cuban will also be a valuable asset for the NBA as it plans to launch its own all-sports network sometime next year, focusing on HDTV broadcasts.
The combination of Conexant's PCI video processor and digital tuning and demodulation technologies with RAVISENT's CineMaster HDTV will create "the first affordable, full-resolution HDTV solutions for mainstream PCs," the two firms say.
Both decided that HDTV was too important to be left to market forces and substituted the judgment of bureaucrats and industry experts for those of consumers.
On an HDTV screen, by contrast, the picture looks good at 6 inches or at 40 feet.
Don Hughes, President of IMS comments on the acquisition of the HE3100, "By using NTT Electronics' H3100 series, we have made SNG relays for HDTV possible.
MicroDisplay's development of Liquid Fidelity single-chip LCOS technology and high-quality HDTVs customized to our needs enables us to provide larger, higher-performance AKAI-branded HDTVs to our customers at more affordable price points," said Keith R.
These moves signal a commitment toward tapping into changing consumer attitudes about HDTVs, according to Syntax-Brillian's Chief Marketing Officer, Hope Frank.
Let It Wave's display controller features an all-format HDTV converter (up, down and cross) including super-resolution de-interlacing and scaling, together with spatio-temporal bandlet noise removal for picture enhancement.
With a few existing sample cases in the region, new HDTV players need to realize that a strategy that works in a specific country will not necessarily be successful in another.