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Bebeklere HFOV'den once uygulanan geleneksel yapay solutma suresi, HFOV uygulama suresi ve toplam mekanik ventilasyon suresi Tablo 3'te verilmistir.
Bebeklere baslangicta senkronize aralikli zorunlu ve hacim hedefli (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation+Volume Guarantee, SIMV+VG) (%34,3), basinc destekli ve hacim hedefli (Pressure Support Ventilation+Volume guarantee, PSV+VG) (%20), senkronize aralikli pozitif basincli ve hacim hedefli (Synchronized Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation +Volume Guarantee, SIPPV+VG) (%14,3) ve devamli pozitif hava yolu basinci (Continue Positive Airway Pressure, CPAP) (%14,3) yontemleri uygulanmis, %17,1 bebek ise dogrudan HFOV ile solutulmustu.
Vibration produced by the HFOV could disturb the operation.
If a procedure involves microscopic surgery, the use of HFOV might not be appropriate.
He stated that HFOV "makes a difference over the long haul.
A very good therapist who works for me once formally mailed the Medical Director of the NICU, describing his frustrations over why we couldn't seem to get more infants on HFOV sooner, and why there was so much variation in the willingness of some neonatologists to use the HFOV device early or at all.
One of the criticisms of HFOV by clinicians, and a hot topic of debate at least within my own department, is an apparently high rate of barotrauma, substantiated in some of the literature (4,5).
Indications for HFOV and the use of adjunctive therapies for respiratory failure including the use of inhaled nitric oxide (iNO), inhaled prostacyclins (iPC), lung volume recruitment manoeuvres, prone positioning and ECMO, plus the use of renal replacement therapies prior to and during the use of HFOV were examined.
Mean airway pressures (Pmaw) produced by HFOV are normally quite high and remain constant throughout active inhalation and exhalation.
Typically HFOV has been clinically applied in the neonatal ICU, yet there is growing interest in HFOV for the adult with ALI and ARDS.
They asked participates how much they used HFOV for early intervention in neonates, HFOV for ARDS in term infants and children, NCPAP to avoid intubation and NCPAP as a weaning tool.