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DEEP TROUBLE HMS Astute accompanied by tugs after running aground off Skye in November 2010.
Council boss Alistair Neill was on a hush-hush visit to HMS Astute when the video games fanatic strode on to the command deck wielding a deadly SA-80 semi-automatic rifle.
HMS Astute visited the Gulf of Mexico for the first test run of her system.
Lt Cdr Molyneux was murdered by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan on HMS Astute at Southampton in April 2011.
During the two-week hearing much evidence was heard about the "binge-drinking culture" of the crew of HMS Astute while on shore leave during the good-will visit to Southampton.
In a separate incident, a sailor killed an officer and injured another in a shooting onboard the HMS Astute while the nuclear submarine was docked in Southampton, southern England, in April last year.
Last week Lieutenant-Commander Ian Molyneux was posthumously awarded the George Medal, one of Britain's highest gallantry awards, for trying to disarm a Royal Navy seaman who had opened fire on board the submarine HMS Astute.
Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux was shot dead by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan during the attack on HMS Astute on April 8, 2011.
It comes after Wirral council announcing it would be granting HMS Astute and the sea cadets (TS Astute) freedom of the borough earlier this year in recognition of the close links between Wirral, the submarine and the Royal Navy.
The Navy's nuclear-powered submarine HMS Astute, armed with [euro]1million Tomahawk cruise missiles, is in the Mediterranean.
Police at the scene in Southampton docks in April 2011 after Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux, 36, was shot and killed aboard HMS Astute
Lt Cdr Molyneux, from Wigan, murdered by Able Seaman Donovan, who was over the drink-drive limit and on guard duty on HMS Astute April 2011.