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Training load: After taking their daily HRV measurement each morning, athletes were then required to record the intensity (using the modified Borg CR-10 rating-of-perceived-exertion [RPE] scale; Foster et al.
The use of HRV data set for estimation of these traditional thresholds may be of interest, as this method is less expensive and time consuming, and requires uncomplicated and accessible HR monitors.
As data distribution for different HRV parameters was not having normal distribution, non-parametric test, Mann-Whitney U-test, was used for comparison of study parameters between two groups.
To assess the subject's HRV (the temporal series of RR intervals) was registered by the Polar RS 800 CX (Kempele, Finland).
The main purpose of this study is to examine whether there is a relationship between stress and HRV parameters which are derived from ECG signals and determine the effect of stress on ANS activity.
Chi-square and analysis of variance were used to compare the prevalence of the three HRV species in each study group.
This study aimed at the relationship between the HRV parameters and the blood pressure.
Conclusion: Trimetazidine improves HRV of elderly ACS patients and reduces cardiovascular events.