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HRV was detected by RT-PCR in all infants; 2 patients were co-infected with RSV and adenovirus (Table).
It is clear from the Table 1 that the combined HRV/ERV (HERV) is almost always as efficient as individual HRV or ERV alone except for the Tropical/Megathermal Climates.
Compared with baseline, left-nostril breathers showed a significant decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and MAP and improvement in HRV indices, reflecting improvement in vagal tone and increased parasympathetic activity, say the authors.
To improve the normality of measures of HRV and urinary metals, we transformed them by natural logarithm (ln) transformation and examined the distributions of the log-transformed HRV indices using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.
After entering specific parameters, desired conditions and building information, it was possible to make use of the developed Excel tool, to determine which out of the three possible options; TERV, HRV or ERV, was the most suitable one.
days IgG detected in after ([double NPA by PCR hospital dagger]) admission of index patient Index 1 NT None 4 0 HRV 9 0.
Participants with SCI were grouped into the C4-T5 and T6-T12 groups to examine the effect of injury level on HRV and sacral skin perfusion.
He will make his debut in the Plunket Shield against the Auckland Aces on November 26 and feature in eight HRV Cup t20 matches and the play-offs if the Firebirds qualify.
Diminished HRV in patients with CHD is accepted as a predictor of sudden cardiac death risk in clinical trials, Dr.