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HABERDASHER. A dealer in miscellaneous goods and merchandise.

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Harry Bennet, whom I mentioned above, was a haberdasher in Coventry who rented (and also sold) false beards.
29) Milliners and dressmakers often engaged in small-scale haberdashery retail to customers involved in home dressmaking, but most haberdashers and drapers were men.
They designed the sites for CMO Retail Solutions, Direct Menswear, and Haberdasher Corporate Apparel.
The plot centres on Susannah Hall, the married daughter of William Shakespeare, who in 1611 was publically slandered by a young son from Alveston Manor who accused her of being "naughty"with the local haberdasher.
From Haberdasher, the proprietor of an store in the Bronx in the story "The City Shadow," to Noel Ryland, a member of the Boosters' Club in the novel Babbitt, this volume lists every fictional character from H to R invented by American author Sinclair Lewis in his writings (even those of the most generic nature), together with brief descriptions.
Kirby, the stylish haberdasher who caters to style needs of the fashion-challenged, is a rarity in these days of mass production.
just as the camera cuts to a small, red-faced librarian-type in a jump-suit puffing wildly as he's hunted down like a dog across Sussex farmland by some big bloke dressed like The Matrix's haberdasher.
London haberdasher William West began issuing sheets of engraved figures from popular stage shows in 1811.
The goal is to get up in the morning and not have to worry that Something is not going to fit right," says Frank Pena, haberdasher for Tom James, an international company specializing in bespoke items for men and women.
Missouri's own ``Give-'em-Hell'' Harry Truman wore many hats in his day: president, senator, farmer, husband, father and, ironically, haberdasher.
During the First World War she worked as a machinist at the Brico Munitions Factory in Yelverton Road, Holbrooks, and over the years has been a hairdresser, a haberdasher and a worker at Rotherham's watchmaker in Spon Street.
The story concerns Susanna Hall's infidelity with a local haberdasher Rafe Smith who, in a similar way to Autolycus in The Winter's Tale sells 'fine knacks for ladies'.