HAEREDITAS. An inheritance, or an estate which descends to one by succession. At common law an inheritance never ascends, haereditas nunquam ascendit. But in many of the states of the Union provision is made by statute in favor of ascendants.

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Both Littleton and Coke take pains to explain that the words "his heirs" are essential because they perpetuate the fiction--which Abraham Fraunce in 1588 recognized as at least a semantic falsehood--that the feudal manor took exactly the same shape as the hereditary family: foedum idem est quod haereditas (a fee or feudal holding is the same thing as a hereditary inheritance).
Whatever we make of his motives, in "Satyre II" Donne seems to be keenly aware of the political, religious, and legal stakes of identifying foedum and haereditas.
103], vel chyrographo obligat se ad praestandum ei, qui capere non potest velut ut haereditas filio spurio restituatur vel concubinae.