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Her hair braids are wrapped in otter fur and decorated with beaded hair ties.
A spokesman for Ramsgate Holy Trinity Primary School in Kent - rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted - said hair bands and ribbons must be "made of dark colours" and that hair braids are "not allowed".
It acted as a spear going through the hair braid that was pulled up through the center hole of the roach and the spreader.
Shantal Wallen and Jahzeel Davis, whose two-year-old daughter Malaya was sent home from The |Little Ripley Nursery (right), in Erdington, with one of her corn row hair braids missing
I have a business making and selling hair braiding kits that enable children to make their own colourful hair braids.
They're coming in with their Katniss hair braids, and want to shoot a bow like her," Geist said.