Half cent

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HALF CENT, money. A copper coin of the United States, of the value of one two-hundredth part of a dollar, or five mills. It weighs eighty-four grains. Act of January 18, 1837, s. 12, 4 Sharswood's cont. of Story's L. U. S. 2523, 4. Vide Money.

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Add thirty-seven an' a half cents interest on furniture, an' that makes two dollars an' eighty-seven an' a half cents.
Three dollars and twelve and a half cents," she supplied quickly.
Three dollars an' twelve an' a half cents I'm jiggered out of on the room I'm rentin'.
He was paid the fabulous sum of seventeen and a half cents an hour; and as it proved a rush day and he worked until nearly seven o'clock in the evening, he went home to the family with the tidings that he had earned more than a dollar and a half in a single day!
While one thick garment is, for most purposes, as good as three thin ones, and cheap clothing can be obtained at prices really to suit customers; while a thick coat can be bought for five dollars, which will last as many years, thick pantaloons for two dollars, cowhide boots for a dollar and a half a pair, a summer hat for a quarter of a dollar, and a winter cap for sixty-two and a half cents, or a better be made at home at a nominal cost, where is he so poor that, clad in such a suit, of his own earning, there will not be found wise men to do him reverence?
This edition has current market prices in high circulated grades and multiple Mint State and Proof grades; updated auction records; updated and additional photos, including a chopmarked trade dollar, various Mint State and Proof type coins, and new die varieties; an essay on the 1837 "Half Cent Worth of Pure Copper" token; an essay on the passing of the half cent and large cent from US commerce; and new die varieties, including major 2009 "Formative Years" Lincoln cent doubled-die reverses.
They took 70 coins to the Salisbury-based Woolley & Wallis auctioneers, where an expert spotted the one inch half cent with Liberty pictured on one side.
Gasoline prices at the pump dropped less than a half cent as they approached an end to their yearlong decline, an industry analyst said Sunday.